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Pondmaster Air Pump LP-40 for Oxygenating ponds
Pondmaster Air Pump LP-40 for Oxygenating ponds
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Pondmaster Air Pump AP-40

Product #04540

Part #04540 LP40 Air Pump $129.99
Part #14545 Rebuilding Kit
Part #14515 Repl Diffuser

Oxygenating ponds for a cleaner aquatic environment promotes healthier fish and aquatic plant life. The new deep water air pumps offer high volume with steady air flow. Energy efficient, quiet operation. Single outlet discharge. 6' cord. Suitable for ponds up to 5000 gallons. 2900 air volume. Includes 6.5" plastic air diffuser with 12 air outlets. (5/8" air tubing not included) 11"L x 6.5" W x 7" H. +5.89 psi max water depth 10'. Rated at 40db.
Only 40w

Stock photo of replacment difusser. Size and color will vary by model.