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Low Water Shut-Off Switch

Low Water Shut-Off Switch | Miscellaneous

Low Water Shut-Off Switch

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Price: $66.95

SKU: Lit566009


110v low water shut off switch for pumps up to 1/2 hp. Comes with an 18ft cord.

The low water pump shut off switch is placed in the skimmer or pond. The cord runs to the outlet where the pump's plug goes into the back of the switch's plug.

When the water level drops too low, the switch turns the pump off; when the water level comes back up the switch turns the pump back on

The switch can be lifted out of the skimmer to turn off the pump, so the skimmer can be cleaned out
10 Amps Maximum - UL/CSA Listed

Turns pumps ON when water level reaches 6" - 9", and OFF AT 1" - 4" (Variance provided by manufacturer)

This switch will work with any brand of pump, even external pumps.