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Pondmaster Hydro-Air Combination Water & Air Pump

Hydro-Air Combination Water & Air Pump - Hydroponic Pumps

Pondmaster Hydro-Air Combination Water & Air Pump


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Price: $250.99

Brand: Pondmaster


This Revolutionary All-in-One Water and Air Pump provides necessary Oxygen on one end, and pumps water from the other. This is a great choice when space is limited and a consolidated system is desired. The dual-impeller design allows water to pump on one end and generate oxygen on the other while only requiring 1 outlet!  Suitable for ponds up to 1000 Gallons with a 2 foot depth. The unique diffuser allows for the extra wide dispersal of air bubbles. Max Flow 1200 GPH; Max Head 20 feet; Outlet 3/4" FPT; Venturi Air intake 1/2" Power cord length 18 feet; Pump Dimensions 7.5"x4.5"x 5.6"