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Pondmaster High Volume Air Pump AP-60

Pondmaster Air Pump LP-60 for Oxygenating ponds

Pondmaster High Volume Air Pump AP-60

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Price: $206.99

Brand: pondmaster


The Pondmaster Air pump, for oxygenating ponds for a cleaner aquatic environment promoting healthier fish and aquatic plant life. The deep water air pump offers high volume with steady air flow. Energy efficient, quiet operation. Single outlet discharge. 10.5" x 8." x 8.25" 6'cord. Suitable for ponds up to 7500 gallons. 5500 air volume. 50 watts. Includes 7.75" plastic air diffuser with 14 air outlets. (3/4" ID air tubing not included) Max water depth 9'6" Pressure +5.66 psi. Rated at 40db.
Only 50w

Stock photo of replacment difusser. Size and color will vary by model.