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Reviewed Wed, Jan 19 2022 12:32 am by

Image 3.0 stars out of 5

Worked great, but for only two years

This submersible light kit provided wonderful light for the first two years in our large fountain (removed during the winters). Unfortunately towards the end of year two, the LED lights themselves began to fail. So now at beginning of this season, they have all three failed, and I'll have to purchase new lights. I don't think I will re-order these because since spending over $100 for these lights and only lasting two seasons is not very economical.
Reviewed Thu, Apr 13 2023 4:14 pm by

Image 5.0 stars out of 5


In the summer of 2010. I purchased an AP-40. This thing is a pure trooper. This machine has operated flawlessly for 10 years now. I am ordering another one today. Not because it has failed. Itís still going strong. However during the COVID economic depression I feel its a good move to invest in grate companies that manufacturer amazing products.

Reviewed Thu, Jul 30 2020 6:59 pm by

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